Yet another image from the quadrangle at the University of Toronto. I’m leaving U of T in a couple of weeks, so images like this will become less frequent in 2007. Taken with the Yashica GSN on Arista.EDU Ultra 200 (Fomapan 200), developed in Instant MYTOL.


Taken on the U of T campus with the Yashica GSN (lens set on f/1.8) on Arista.EDU Ultra 200 (Fomapan 200) film, developed in Instant MYTOL. Slight edge vignetting applied in PS.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

I started “seriously” photoblogging in November of 2004, and registered my site with Photoblogs.org on December 1st, 2004. I’ve had fun maintaining this site over the last two years — it has definitely pushed me to continuously shoot, process and refine, which is why I started a photoblog in the first place. I’ve definitely posted…

Digital Black and White

I don’t put many digital pictures here, mostly because I’m still very new to digital cameras (I only got my D70s a few months ago and am still a newbie with it, so I usually instinctively “reach” for film when I’m out shooting). But I did do some B&W conversions on the digital images I…