High Street, Southampton, Ontario


From our recent vacation — the main drag in Southampton, Ontario, seen at night. This was shot hand-held (Nikon FG, 24mm f/2.8 lens) on Fuji Neopan 1600 (link is to a PDF), which I’ve never used before. Developed in Diafine it seems to give a true EI 1600 or close to it. It scans remarkably well for a film of its speed. Metering is key here as well… Bought in individual rolls, Neopan 1600 is expensive. Luckily, the Megaperls Webshop in Tokyo carries it in 100′ rolls, and can ship it to Canada. A possible future purchase for me once I can confirm that it works better than pushed Tri-X.

Here the film was scanned, cropped and toned in PS with light sharpening. (Posted August 7th 2005)