This picture somehow reminds me of Tetris, that super-popular computer puzzle from the late 1980s… I’ve never been much of a games person, but I once played it so much that I literally had dreams about it. They kind of looked like this picture.

All joking aside — This was taken on a photo shoot in the Distillery District of downtown Toronto with Jon of Groundglass.ca using a roll of Panatomic-X he graciously donated to me. It’s a nice film — which I’ve ruined with lots of blur here — but it develops sharp and snappy. Kodak discontinued it sometime in the late 1980s. It reminds me a lot of the current-production Efke 25. Here the film was developed in Rodinal, scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.

Sam of Daily Dose of Imagery has photographed this same window before.