Should I sell my Koni-Omega?

Many of you know that I own a Koni-Omega 6×7 rangefinder. This is a big beast of a camera, which takes great pictures (especially with the super-sharp 60mm and 90mm lenses I have for it).


I love the pictures it takes, but I don’t love using it. It’s big, it’s hard to carry, and it can be tricky to focus. As a result, I don’t use it very often, and it instead sits on my shelf.

When I shoot MF these days, I find myself going for the Yashicamat TLR more often than not. As a result, I’m thinking the Koni and going to a slightly more compact and versatile system — a Mamiya C330 or C33 TLR. I owned a (poorly cared for) C220 in the past and it took great pictures, when it was focussed correctly.

Am I crazy? Will I regret this move? Does anyone want to buy the Koni?