Rays of light

I developed a few rolls of B&W film last week — the first home B&W I’ve done in about six months. (Having a baby in the house will do that to you.) I mixed up fresh fixer and a new batch of Thornton’s metol two-bath developer, then proceeded to soup up two rolls of Neopan 400 that I had recently put through the Rolleiflex.

The results, while not exactly “bulletproof”, were very dense (due to overdevelopment, not overexposure). I don’t think I made any weighing errors, so I’m blaming the relatively high temperature of my Part A solution (it was about 27-28C) even though divided developers are usually considered insensitive to temperature and time.

I still managed to salvage a few good images from these rolls (including the one above). Better luck next time, I guess.