Unexpected places

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You can sometimes find photography in unexpected places. On Saturday, while leafing through a profile of Groupe Aeroplan CEO Rupert Duschene in Report on Business magazine, I learned that the man at the helm of the country’s largest reward points program prefers to spend his time doing street and travel photography — he uses a Leica M8 (a very expensive digital rangefinder) but was making his own B&W prints until recently, it seems. Then on Sunday, when out on a walk with the family, I found a “free to a good home” box of darkroom chemicals sitting at the edge of the road — I claimed about $25 worth of fresh film chemistry. My thanks to the former photographer at the corner of Belsize and Forman for spreading the wealth!

This photo was taken with the Rolleiflex 3.5E on recently expired Fuji 160C and was scanned at the lab.