Film haul

Last weekend was the  Photographic Historical Society of Canada’s semi-annual “Big One” camera show in Woodbridge, just north of Toronto. The PHSC takes over an entire indoor soccer field for this event and there are usually decent bargains to be had. This time, they came in the form of a whole lot of recently expired colour film at $1 a roll — I bought 40 rolls of 2007-dated 120-format Provia 100, Fuji 160C, Ektachrome 100GX, and 35mm Fuji Reala. The seller who I bought it all from probably had about 5,000 rolls of film with him, and when I came by his booth later in the morning, much of it was gone. I guess there still is a market for film — at least when it’s being sold for one-fifth of its usual price.