I nearly wore out the library’s copy of Image by Michael Freeman when I was in grad school. It was the best book on photographic composition I’d ever read then, and it remains so — but it’s out of print and hard to find (I saw a reference to people paying $275 for used copies, but Amazon lists some for far less.)

Imagine my delight, then, on learning that Freeman has updated Image for the digital era (or for the digital-darkroom era, at least). The new book is called The Photographer’s Eye and my copy is on its way from Indigo as I write. I don’t have a lot of use for most of the other hundred-odd technical books on photography that he seems to put out annually, but I’m very much looking forward to revisiting some of his ideas on structure and form in composition.

Anyone have other favourite books on composition in photography? Please add them in the comments!

(More actual photographs to come soon, don’t you worry…)