Ward’s Island Birch Trees

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Another view from Ward’s Island last weekend. This was taken with the Zenobia 6×4.5 folding camera (Japanese, ca. 1952-5) — a fun machine I wrote often about on the old version of Photosensitive. The Zenobia uses scale focus — you use an external rangefinder, or a lucky guess, to estimate the subject distance, and then dial it in on the lens distance scale. The camera has a simple viewfinder that can be used for framing. Film advance (red window) and exposure, of course, are both manual.

For this shot I used Arista.EDU Ultra 200 film (re-badged Fomapan 200 sold by Freestyle Photo in L.A.), developed in Rodinal 1+50. The scans from my Epson flatbed were massive (38 MB for the raw grayscale scan — gotta love medium format!) but a little soft, and required some sharpening in PS.