Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

I started “seriously” photoblogging in November of 2004, and registered my site with Photoblogs.org on December 1st, 2004. I’ve had fun maintaining this site over the last two years — it has definitely pushed me to continuously shoot, process and refine, which is why I started a photoblog in the first place.

I’ve definitely posted fewer pictures this past year than I did in my first year, and (but for a brief period last spring) I also have had fewer comments. Still, I kept up a 2-3 per week posting frequency and I think I’ve put up some very nice pictures, especially this one, this one and this one.

Several other things have changed over the last year:

· I got a digital SLR (but this part of the site has remained film-only)
· I started Photosensitive Words (please check it out!)
· I’ve started using my Flickr account much more
· Folderblog, the software that runs this site, was abandoned by its author and I’ve begun searching for a way to transfer the site onto another blogging system

I anticipate this site remaining largely the same over the next year, though when 2007 starts I may post a little less often. In the meantime, please keep coming, leave comments (they’re what keeps me going!) and vote for me at Photoblogs.org so that others notice and visit too.

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